The Vodka Project - in search of the spirit

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen

By way of an introduction
Let’s begin at the beginning. One night in a bar in central Warsaw, I talked to an old guy who told me that I was wasting my time visiting Warsaw. It’s finished, he said, it’s gone to hell.

He owned property in Acton in London, which he rented out for a paltry sum. He said London was gone to hell too,  full of foreigners. Always been the way, I said. We drank vodka together. He told me he was divorced and had heart problems. He asked me where else I had been in Poland. Had I been to Kraków and Zakopane? No, I haven’t, I said (which was true at this point). Don’t bother, he said, don’t bother going anywhere in Poland, it’s finished, the Communists sucked the life out of us. He told me to go to Prague. There, he said, there you can believe in fairytales, it is still a magical city. Some people say Budapest, he said but then insisted Prague was the place – of any place – to visit in Eastern Europe. But you’re here in Warsaw, things could be worse, he said, you could be back in London! If you need a place in Acton let me know, though it’s a Godforsaken place. As I had not visited Kraków or Zakopane, he asked me where the hell had I been to in Poland?

Oh, yes, I replied, for example Sejny, Białystok, Supraśl, Resko…

He looked at me like I was mad. Why? he said, with a tone of voice that suggested the question really was: What is wrong with you? I said the first thing that came into my head. I’m visiting vodka factories. He nodded thoughtfully.  Ah, I understand, he said, This is important…

The vodka project came into being this night. We have our mission ahead of us, a cross-country journey,  visiting the back corners of cities and towns across the land, in search of the perfect vodka moment.

About us:
Iwona Kurz understood her mission after being awarded from PARPA (Polish State Agency for Solving Alcohol Abuse Problems) for her article “Bottoms up” (Kieliszki w dłoń). She works at the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. She introduced Brendan to the world of 07 zgłoś się.

Brendan Jackson claims to be 152 years old, is fond of old vampire movies, and is sometimes a writer or artist or devil-may-care, depending on his mood. He is a lapsed whiskey drinker. He introduced Iwona to the world of Father Ted.

Please email us your thoughts and suggestions of places to visit during
The Vodka Project:
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in Polish: iwona.kurz(at)